On the evening of May 14, 2024, the Cincinnati Reds and the Arizona Diamondbacks will clash at Chase Field, with first pitch scheduled for 09:40 PM under a clear sky. The pitching matchup will feature the Reds’ Hunter Greene, who carries an ERA of 3.375, against the Diamondbacks’ Slade Cecconi, whose ERA stands at 4.154.

In the National League Central, the Reds are currently positioned 13th with a disappointing 17-24 record, which includes a 1-2 divisional record and places them fifth in their division. Their recent performances show a struggle, with only one victory in their last 10 games and a current three-game losing streak. The Reds have a 9-13 record at home and 8-11 on the road, also featuring differing performances in day (8 wins) and night games (9 wins), with 176 runs scored and 182 conceded thus far.

Conversely, the Arizona Diamondbacks, ranked 8th in the NL West Division with a 20-22 record, show a slightly better form with a 0.48 winning percentage. They hold a better standing within their division with a 9-8 record, and have secured six wins in their recent 10 games, alongside a two-game winning streak. The Diamondbacks balance an equal home and away record of 10-10 and 10-12 respectively, with a slightly better performance in night games (11 wins) compared to day games (9 wins), having scored 211 and allowed 193 runs.

Turning to the game odds, the Diamondbacks are slight favorites with a money line of -117 compared to the Reds’ -102. The point spread stands at 1.5 in favor of the Diamondbacks, and the over/under for the game is set at 8.5. These odds reflect the current momentum and recent performances of the teams, indicating a potentially close and competitive game.