On the afternoon of May 15, 2024, baseball enthusiasts will be treated to a compelling encounter as the Cincinnati Reds visit Chase Field to challenge the Arizona Diamondbacks, with first pitch set for 3:40 PM under clear skies. Pitching for the Reds will be Andrew Abbott, who carries a commendable ERA of 3.349. Opposing him on the mound will be Brandon Pfaadt of the Diamondbacks, whose ERA stands at 4.596.

The Reds, occupying the 12th spot in the NL Central Division, have recorded 18 wins against 24 losses, reflecting a 0.43 win percentage. They have a divisional record of 1 win to 2 losses and currently sit 5th in their division. With 2 wins in their last 10 games and a current streak of one win, the Reds show signs of seeking recovery. Their road performance stands at 9 wins to 11 losses, while they’ve split their day and night game victories equally at 9 each. They’ve totaled 182 runs scored against 184 allowed.

On the other side, the Diamondbacks rank 8th in the NL West Division, managing a 20-23 win-loss record which tracks a 0.47 winning percentage. They’ve clinched 9 division games against 8 losses, placing them 3rd in their division rivalry. Their last 10 games have resulted in 6 victories, although they’re currently on a one-loss streak. With a narrow home record of 10-11 and a similar road record of 10-12, their challenges appear evenly spread. The team has scored 213 runs and conceded 199 runs.

Examining the betting odds for this matchup, the Diamondbacks are favored with a home team money line of -144, reflecting their moderate advantage in recent form and better scoring stats. The Reds, as the underdogs, are listed at +122. The point spread sits at -1.5, suggesting expectations for at least a two-run difference in favor of the Diamondbacks. An over/under of 8.5 frames the expected total runs, indicating a moderate-scoring game is anticipated by oddsmakers. Overall, the odds hint at a closely contested game with the potential for significant swings.