The showdown is set for May 18, 2024, as the Tampa Bay Rays go head-to-head with the Toronto Blue Jays at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, starting at 3:07 PM under overcast skies. Leading the charge on the pitcher’s mound for the Rays will be Zach Eflin with an ERA of 3.906, while the Blue Jays counter with Kevin Gausman, who has an ERA of 4.954.

In terms of standings, the Rays are currently 7th in the AL East with a 24-22 record, showing a solid winning percentage of .52 and holding a divisional record of 8-7. They’ve grabbed 6 wins in their last 10 outings, charging into this game with a three-win streak. Their performance details include 14 wins and 12 losses at home, standing at 10-10 on the road, with a daytime game win affinity (10 wins).

Contrarily, the Blue Jays find themselves placed low at 12th in the same division, reflecting a 19-24 record and a .44 winning percentage. Their divisional battles have them at 6-7, holding a less favorable stance in recent games with just 4 wins in the last 10 matchups, and coming off two consecutive losses. Their home and away insights show a near-even split with a slight nudge towards poorer away game performances.

Regarding betting odds, the game has set interesting points. For this matchup, the point spread is listed at -1.5, favoring the Rays to win by more than one run. The over/under for the game is pegged at 7.5, hinting at moderate run totals from both teams combined. In terms of MoneyLine, the Rays as the away team stand at +113, suggesting a slightly risky but possible profitable bet, while the Blue Jays at home are marked at -133, highlighting them as favorites despite their recent form.